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carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc) oil drilling grade as thickener

Oil-drilling grade CMC & PAC CMC &PAC of Oil Drilling grade has high degree of substitution and good uniformity. 1.Used in water-base mud of plain water, sea water and saturated brine: Small usage, high yield; good anti-salt and anti bacteria property; reduce the fluid loss and improve the viscosity; strong flowing control and suspending ability. 2.Used in Drilling Fluid Protecting the wall of oil well, prevent mud flowing away and carry crumbs; protect drilling bit, increase drilling speed and prolong its use period; reduce the fluid loss and the thickness of the mud cake; strong inhibition effect to shale hydration. 3.Used in Fixing Fluid Protect the wall of the oil well; stop the fluid entering into the pores and cracks; control the fluid viscosity and heavy object suspension; prevent fluid loss 4.Used in Fracturing fluid Bring stuffing into the cracks of oil well to establish osmosis channel; controll fluid entering into oil well structure to reduce fluid loss and lower the pressure.

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Contact person: Ms dannie zhang
Position: sales manager
E-mail: sales3@tjrunsheng.com
Phone: 86-22-22122664
Mobile phone: 86-13632118939
Fax: 86-22-22122664


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Tianjin Runsheng Cellulose Science and Technology Co., Ltd
[Реюньон, Tianjin]

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